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What should I do after receiving a letter from the IRS?

Contact us immediately for a consultation. IRS requests as well as requests from other taxing authorities have deadlines for replies. There are consequences for late replies.

What is the cost of consultation?

The first consultation is free. There is no excuse for not calling us!  847-250-2007.

How will money be collected from me or my company by the IRS?

The IRS is able to file a federal tax lien against all of your assets; seize your property or home, levy your wages and/or bank accounts. They can even seize any valuables including retirement, investments, cars, business, and so on. They will be disposed through auction sale for pennies on the dollar.  Stop this from happening by call us today!  847-250-2007.

I’m unable to pay IRS, what next?

Metro Tax Relief will advise you on the best way to go about contacting the IRS and starting the process to resolve your Tax Debt Issue.  Do not delay.  Every day the IRS is adding penalties, fees and interest to the amount that they say you owe. Call Us!  We can go through your options following the FREE CONSULTATION!  847-250-2007.

What is an Offer in Compromise?

This is an agreement between IRS and Taxpayer in which the taxpayer is asked to pay less than what is owed by the IRS.  This is a LEGALLY BINDING AGREEMENT and once accepted by the IRS, cannot be changed to ask the Taxpayer for more money later!

Am I qualified for an Offer in Compromise?

If you are unable to settle your taxes, you can either ask the IRS to permit you to pay a reduced amount. The IRS will need to look at your income and assets so as to determine if you qualify for the offer.  Do not contact the IRS directly and VOLUNTEER this crucial financial information. Let Our Tax Professionals do this for you so that you can benefit from our years of experience in dealing with the IRS.  Call Us! 847-250-2007

How long does the recovery process take?

A couple of steps, including stopping seizures and levies may occur relatively fast. However, the whole procedure of an Offer in Compromise might take months, up to a year, or even more than year.  Let us not forget, we are dealing with an organization that cares less about you but more about getting your proxy.  Call US!  We will be there every day to ensure that you get all of the benefits that you are entitled to get.  847-250-2007.

Will there be any need to visit your office?

Metro Tax Relief offers their services to Taxpayers all over the nation. The intense level of work that we do for you can be accomplished over the telephone, over the internet, and through mail. If you wish to come in a visit us, we are happy to see you!  Call us and schedule a FREE CONSULTATION! 847-250-2007.