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With the rising number of Americans and companies coming under the sight of the tax authorities, you have a savior in your midst. I founded Metro Tax Relief with one mission in my mind: to serve and protect the rights of every taxpayer as per the Tax Payers Bill of Rights. With a history of numerous satisfied customers and decades of experience in the accounting sector, Metro Tax Relief is your one stop solution for all your accounting and taxation hurdles.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has a complex tax code with aggressive measures put in place for tax collections. Whether its unfiled tax returns, outstanding taxes or a bank levy on your assets, without any professional help, you will only find yourself trapped in the legalities. Our only goal is to provide you stress relief in moments when you think there is absolutely no way out. For there is always a way. Or as I would like to say, there is always another option.

Filing for your tax returns is as necessary as preparing your books. Remember, the IRS will leave no stone unturned when it comes to filing tax returns. Our team will aid you in being compliant with IRS legalities and avoid any future tax penalties.

The IRS may serve you with a tax lien or a levy on your assets. A tax lien is the legal claim of the authorities on your assets if you fail to pay your tax debt. This means that when the time comes, the IRS will seize and sell your personal assets and property. Do not ignore any such letter from the IRS, instead contact us and we will aid you in correcting your situation.

The IRS may even use further aggressive tactics like garnishments where they seize your 50-75% of your wages. However, we can aid you in choosing the best that suits you from different IRS relief programs including Installment Agreements, Currently Not Collectible, Offer in Compromise, Partial Payment Installment Agreement and Streamlined Installment Agreement.

If you are concerned about your accounting and tax preparation, feel free to contact us and we can appoint a professional accountant to provide personalized financial advice at highly flexible hours. Our services include bookkeeping, payroll services, business accounting, Quickbooks Accounting Services and tax preparation.

At Metro Tax Relief, we are committed to providing complete tax relief and winning each battle for you against the tax authorities. Choose us and we will stand between you and the IRS. Remember we are an organization that cares more about you than taking your money. Every client is like our family and our only goal is to protect your rights as a taxpayer and not pay more than what is required.

A win for you is a win for us. Remember, our first consultation is free. Contact us via our website ( or call us now at 847-250-2007.


Martin Wojtulewicz